The online documentation platform where developers collaborate and learn from shared inline notes, bookmarks and comments.

Personalized Documentation

Metadoc's powerful and intuitive documentation experience blends seamlessly with your workflow.


Some of Metadoc's unique features include:

  • Bookmarks

    Save references to sections of documentation or source code

  • Notes

    Jot down thoughts, right in the documentation

  • Custom Workspaces

    Keep relevant docs together, in one place

  • Scratch Pad

    Store sections of documentation, along with notes and bookmarks, for future reference

Collaborate for Better Docs

Metadoc empowers developers to improve documentation through collaboration. This is great for team learning and onboarding!

  • Share notes and bookmarks with package authors and developers
  • Reference Github issues
  • Share Custom Workspaces with other developers
  • Use Metadoc as a training tool

Starting from

Metadoc will initially focus on the Go Programming Language. Many additional languages and documentation formats are planned.